When presented with a second chance

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The IT cloudHopefully the exit is different from the entrance, in that a lift would be really handy when accessing the cloud…

But hang on, let’s imagine if that were possible…  The fastest elevator currently is Taipai 101 in Taiwan. It travels at a speed of 59 km/hr (37 mph). If we assume our average white fluffy cloud to be at a height of 4km (2.4 miles), then this elevator would take us 4 min and 6 sec to reach our destination. Pretty impressive when you consider that the first ever elevator installed by the Otis elevator company in 1857 in New York travelled at a modest 20cm per second (40ft per min). That would definitely require a packed lunch for our Otis elevator trip, with a duration 5 hrs and 33 minutes.

But you know what? I think I’d take the old tech option and enjoy the journey.

Which elevator would you take and why?

Be innovative

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Workplace innovation

Google’s definition for innovate is

…make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

Well, you could argue the cartoon meets the definition, but perhaps not quite the intent. However, it is probably this very loose definition that has allowed this word to become the latest buzz word in the workplace. How many company vision statements, business strategy plans and team meetings splash this word about with gay abandon these days, in the hope of reaping the benefits that successful innovation can bring to a business?

So tell me this, if innovation is our workplace salvation, then why do so many companies fail when it comes to the actual undertaking of innovation?  In Diana Kander’s TED Talk Our approach to innovation is dead wrong she proposes an unconventional business approach to this challenge and in her innovation experiments with MBA students vs kindergarten kids, guess who wins?

Let me know what you think

PS. And then for a bit of fun, play the workplace bingo game with this freebie I made a couple of years back. Who would have thought office buzz words could be so much fun!

What is risk?

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This is what happens when I mix my day job with my night job

– A video answering the question, “What is risk?”

Some of you already know that I’m an engineer, but you mightn’t realise that my current job is as a risk manager. Last week I thought it would be fun to fuse my engineering work with my cartooning to see what would happen.  And this is my modest result. Let’s call it a fun 101 introduction into the concept of risk.
So humour me a bit here and click the image below to watch on youTube and then …
Video to What is risk

…Let me know what you think?

Fifty shades of white

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Workplace diversity

Inspired by the line from the Blues Brothers, when the woman was asked what kind of music was played at the venue in question. ‘Sure, we have all kinds here – country and western.’

Do you have a favourite line from Blues Brothers, or perhaps another movie?

Who knows, it might somehow make its way into the next cartoon


Spot the difference

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Workplace equalityI was inspired to create this cartoon when I read a Forbes article written on the 2016 Grant Thornton UK LLP London study into senior roles held by women in the workforce. The study reported that almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions and those companies that do have women in senior roles, average out to 22 percent.

We have a long way still to go.

A typical work conference call

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office on line conference call

Sound familiar…Or should that be look familiar?

This cartoon was inspired by the online conference calls I make as part of day to day work in the office these days. However, it was when I reflected on the now 14 million+  YouTube views video A conference call in real life, that I thought to myself, how would I convert the idea into 2D cartoon form.

Do you make online conference calls at work?

What funny things happen to you in those calls? Who knows, I might turn it into a cartoon.



My workplace

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Think outside the boxThink outside the cubicle…

Obviously that’s what my workplace was thinking when they recently reconfigured our office floor space… not that I’m complaining. I mean, in this case I’ve moved from office to jungle…

My open plan office

And before I forget, a big shout out to Seeker, long time blogging friend. It was a post she made a few weeks back that planted the cubicle seed.

So, back to the cubicle…What makes your cubicle special?

My cubicle is below…special, huh?

Office workstation