One word to describe a culture

Workplace culture icon

My little in-house community art project continues.  This drawing portrays our company’s ability to form strong alliances with other parties to enable us to bring the best offering to the table for our clients.

You may recall, this project is all about using images and words to describe a workplace culture. My fellow workers come up with the words and I draw the cartoon to best describe it visually. Each word is a new picture and over time the culmination of words and images forms a collage, expressing what it’s like to work in the business.

So what word would you use to describe your workplace culture?


  • Jen Martin says:

    I love this project you’ve got going on at work Marti. On good days I’d pick a word like passionate, engaged or excited to describe my workplace. But on other days, overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded might be a better fit!!

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