What is risk?

This is what happens when I mix my day job with my night job

– A video answering the question, “What is risk?”

Some of you already know that I’m an engineer, but you mightn’t realise that my current job is as a risk manager. Last week I thought it would be fun to fuse my engineering work with my cartooning to see what would happen.  And this is my modest result. Let’s call it a fun 101 introduction into the concept of risk.
So humour me a bit here and click the image below to watch on youTube and then …
Video to What is risk

…Let me know what you think?


  • I really like your video! I’ve been thinking about risk quite a bit recently, so I was intrigued to see your professional perspective. Thanks!

  • I remember reading that there was an ancient Greek definition of courage that defined it as being in the middle between foolhardiness and cowardice. There is a lot of talk about how we need more risk takers. At the same time, a lot people in prison are or were risk takers. I like your holistic approach for understanding risk. My work is project-based so understanding risk is essential. By the way, there is an article by Malcolm Gladwell that is risk-related: http://gladwell.com/the-sure-thing/

    Thanks for making me a little smarter!

    • Marti says:

      Interesting article and the analysis around risk taking.
      PS. Spread the word on You Tube. My objective now is to reach 1,000 hits… Mmm, wonder where my uncertainty lies in that vision? 😉

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