The safety committee visit Frank’s floor

glass ceiling

New corporate climber joins Frank’s office


Ever been caught out making incorrect assumptions before?

How emails develop a life of their own

Email evolution

Because I can (and possibly because I am an engineer and like to play with numbers), I did a quick calculation to work out how full Frank’s inbox would get after the scenario above played its course.

After the fifth iteration (starting when Frank’s initial colleague on forwards the email), Frank has 32 emails in his inbox, and we’ve involved 63 of our (now very close) work colleagues in this discussion.

If the iterations continue overnight to our final cartoon cell,

  • After 10 iterations, Frank has 512 emails
  • After 15, he has has 8,192 emails
  • After 20, he has a whopping 524,288 emails

Makes you think twice about hitting ‘Reply all’, eh?

Next time, pick up the phone instead.


Peace and quiet for Frank

overhead reductions

Return of faulty cartoon goods

Broken cartoon speech bubble

The Board Report

Board Memo2


I’m sure Dilbert has already done something like this, but didn’t have the time to trawl through all his cartoons (as much fun as that would be).

St Just le Martel cartoon festival

Every now and then you need to take a step back and give yourself a pat on the back.

I’ve created a Brag Page to house my small cartooning triumphs and the first one is my entry into the annual St Just le Martel International Cartoon festival. Take a peak at the slide show. 


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