Is grass really greener on the other side?

Maritans are always greener on the other planets

We all know the metaphorical interpretation of this proverb, but it is also scientifically true!

James Pomerantz, author of the scientific article ‘The Grass is always Greener: An Ecological Analysis of an Old Aphorism (1983).  This scholar proves that ‘optical and perceptual laws alone will make the grass at a distance look greener to the human eye than the blades of grass perpendicular to the ground.’

Now that’s a really cool fact to keep up your sleeves!

When accountants become artistic

Salvador Dali accounting

Big shout out to GDKonstantine, a long time supporter of my website. He came up with this cartoon.

If you would like me to draw the cartoon to your single gag, drop me a line.

The hungry ghost explained

… and that’s why he’s hungry

Why ghosts are hungry

…or so I thought, until I did more research…

Let me explain. I was surfing the net for inspiration for my next cartoon.  Sometimes I like to draw cartoons that play on words or phrases.  I found myself on an idiom site that listed popular sayings, of which ‘hungry ghost’ was one of them. I hadn’t heard of the saying before and the site didn’t offer an explanation, so I just assumed it referred to someone who is always hungry – just like a ghost would be because the food goes straight through them.

Well, I was wrong and should have realised that I was being a bit too literal with my interpretation.  After drawing the cartoon I hunted the web for a definition and it didn’t take me long to find out how wrong I was.  For those of you as unfamiliar with this one as I was, here’s what said

‘in Buddhism, a supernatural being filled with more desire than it can consume’

and provided this example

‘The hungry ghost is often depicted with large belly and tiny mouth, a metaphor for people futilely attempting to fulfil their illusory physical desires.’

Have you ever misinterpreted some of those funny english sayings before?

Share, we’ll both have a laugh together.  

So what do you think?

I’m the process of sprucing up my website with a range of things (actually ideas) I’ve been hiding on the back shelf until now.  

But I can’t do this one on my own – I need your help by giving me your thoughts on this quick survey.

I’m creating a monthly newsletter for subscribers (this is in addition to the blog subscription you might already be on). But it’s a bit hard to entice people to click that funky new subscribe button without giving away something for free. So, here’s the question.



Back in time, when cell phones didn’t exist…

… but the obsession with oneself did

Yea old day selfieIn a recent ad campaign, National Geographic decided ‘if you can’t beat them join them’.   Titled ‘there are lots of terrible animal pictures out there’, National Geographic showed a series of animal selfies. The intent behind the campaign was to get people to look at the good shots that National Geographic take. 

My favourite is the gorilla. What’s yours?

Have you been caught snacking?


Snacking before dinnerAh yes, snacking before dinner – how to get every mother annoyed.  

I sometimes find myself in snacking discussions with my children; holding the offending but circumstantial evidence (chocolate wrapper) in my hand.  But I’m not perfect myself. I used to enjoy sneaking in a biscuit or two before dinner.

What’s your snacking weakness?

Be afraid… Be very afraid



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