The cartoonist behind Just Outside the box cartoons

My name is Martina and I’m an illustrator / author of children’s books and cartoonist.

I aim to inspire young children’s imagination through humor and colourfully illustrated books. My cartoons are enjoyed by all ages and cover musings of day to day life. I create a new cartoon every week, as it helps me exercise the right side of my brain. If you’d like to join in on the cartoon fun, then sign up to my subscription list and be ensured of receiving at least one email during the work week, aimed solely at putting a smile on your face.

My recent book, How to make an alien, is inspired by the wonders of black holes from outer space. Through the fun of aliens I can introduce young minds to the wonders of science. This project has gone beyond a mere reading book, and the art and concept has grown into a full on interactive experience. Within the story is an online provider of space objects – Cosmic Caboodle – which supplies the character with all of the intergalactic space objects required to make an alien.

Cosmic Caboodle is a website which allows readers to learn more about astronomy under the guise on an ‘online e-store’ where you can view space products and then buy (for free) space objects (downloadable files which allow you to make your very own black hole and other highly sought after space objects).

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