pictogram of business networking

A few weeks back I shared a cartoon from a work project we started in the office… just for that bit of daily fun. If you missed that post, fear not, I’ll explain here.

I’m calling it The Art of Us and it comprises of a series of cartoons that each portray one of our cultural  strengths as an organisation.  The panel above depicts networking as one of our key strengths in a business that spans the globe in over 40 countries and 100 offices. It resides amongst a set of other images that depict our culture and is slowly growing into a giant checkerboard of colour and inspiration.  Best of all, it’s a community project and allows anyone in the business to get engaged in the art.  These aren’t my ideas; these are the thoughts and feelings of people in the business when I ask them ‘What is our key business strength?’ All I do is bring their idea to life in a few cartoon strokes and a bold splash of colour (cunningly coloured in our corporate approved branding pallette 🙂 ).

I feel it is a small but meaningful way of introducing the inspiration of art into our workplace.  I’m a big believer that art helps spark people’s imagination and put simply, makes us feel good. Rather conveniently, it also allowed me to cover up that uninspiring beige wall adjacent to my desk.

So how would you describe your workplace in one word or sentence?




  • Perpetua says:

    I totally agree with you that art work hanging on a gray cubicle makes your workplace like your home and good conversational piece. Great that you have the help of others.

    • Marti says:

      I guess, it makes it more fun when everyone gets involved…and that way if the ‘unfun’ police come round wanting it taken down, you can point the finger the other direction from yourself 🙂 Only joking, no one has taken the fun away….yet

  • Francesca says:

    Love the colour you bring to our workplace 🙂

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