When presented with a second chance

The IT cloudHopefully the exit is different from the entrance, in that a lift would be really handy when accessing the cloud…

But hang on, let’s imagine if that were possible…  The fastest elevator currently is Taipai 101 in Taiwan. It travels at a speed of 59 km/hr (37 mph). If we assume our average white fluffy cloud to be at a height of 4km (2.4 miles), then this elevator would take us 4 min and 6 sec to reach our destination. Pretty impressive when you consider that the first ever elevator installed by the Otis elevator company in 1857 in New York travelled at a modest 20cm per second (40ft per min). That would definitely require a packed lunch for our Otis elevator trip, with a duration 5 hrs and 33 minutes.

But you know what? I think I’d take the old tech option and enjoy the journey.

Which elevator would you take and why?


  • It would be neat to ride on one of those old elevators, the kind with the cages that you see in the old movies. At the same time, I’ve been to Taipei 101 and I did appreciate the speed.

    • Marti says:

      Wow, cool you’ve been there. Did you know it was the fastest elevator, is the why you went? I have this vision of tourists flocking in just to go up and down the lift.

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