Fifty shades of diversity

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50 shades of greyWell, it’s been a long time coming this cartoon…

I started earlier this year, thinking it would be a fun exercise to draw as many different aspects to diversity through the cartooning of different faces. Well, let me tell you, fun it was, but easy – not. You see, my imagination started to run dry after only four faces. So, I had to seek inspiration external to my own little bubble and hunt for ideas elsewhere. And where else is a better place to start, than right here at home in Melbourne, during my daily train travel to work.

Those of you who live in Melbourne, would know that we are proudly rich in our strong ethnic background. Along with this comes the joys of a diverse culture which is expressed through everyday life here, especially in the choice of food venues…But I digress…

Pretty much, every face you see here (except for the original four, and perhaps just one more – can you spot it?) travelled along side me in the train to work. Fortunately for me, the majority of people these days are so absorbed in their technology that they were blissfully unaware of the cunning exercise being undertaken.

What do you love about the diversity in your home?

Business hierarchy

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Office hierarchy

I’d like to take full credit for this cartoon, but it was my nephew who came up with the gag. He politely indicated that cartooning was easy and proceeded to explain this gag in great detail. When I suggested he got on with it and share it, he faulted… ‘I can’t draw!’ Well, really, that’s no excuse. I’m still learning to draw too!

So Merry Christmas to you Ben… I took the liberty!

Sheet music lesson #1

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Normally I find Wiki a quick way to learn about something that I have no idea about (at least as a starting point). But this time I was presented with the opposite; having played the clarinet for 5 years I knew what B flat was. However, Wiki’s definition challenged my modest brain matter.

B (B-flat; also called si bémol) is the eleventh semitone of the Western chromatic scale (starting from C). It lies a diatonic semitone above A and a chromatic semitone below B, thus being enharmonic to A although in some musical tunings, B will have a different sounding pitch than A.

Fifty shades

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50 shades of blue

Every now and then I dare to check Google to see if my cartoon is already out there. It’s a cartoonist’s worst nightmare (or close to) to publish a cartoon that someone else has already done – similar in notion to inadvertant copying. If you find out afterwards, it’s a bit like going through the seven stages of grief, starting with disbelief and shock (I mean, how could someone else possibly come up with my great, unique idea before I even had a chance to put pen to paper?). Luckily, this time I was relieved to find nothing similar. I found an article titled ‘Fifty shades of blue’, where my heart momentarily skipped a beat. However, it was short lived – It was a blue hair colour dye trend article.

Ever had your great idea trumped by someone else?

PS. If you find a cartoon along a similar vein, feel free to not contacting me with the information 🙂