Think outside the nest

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outside the box

I think for me, ‘thinking outside the box’ has become the new ‘why did the chicken cross the road’. So many opportunities for a fun and quirky interpretation.

But back to our humble chicken… Yet again I’ve troweled the internet to find the best of the best chicken jokes (by the way, Google provided me with a choice of 3.68 million options). So, rather than providing you with bog standard, Top 10 best ever why did the chicken cross the road jokes, I’ve found a highly intellectual take on the subject in question. Drum roll please…

Harvard University physics department has dedicated a page to answering the question through the mouths of famous physicists. From Einstein, to Sagan, to Pascal – they’re all in there. Enjoy!

So what’s your favourite chicken joke?


Business hierarchy

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Office hierarchy

I’d like to take full credit for this cartoon, but it was my nephew who came up with the gag. He politely indicated that cartooning was easy and proceeded to explain this gag in great detail. When I suggested he got on with it and share it, he faulted… ‘I can’t draw!’ Well, really, that’s no excuse. I’m still learning to draw too!

So Merry Christmas to you Ben… I took the liberty!

Flashback to Doug the dung beetle

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Finders Keepers Cartoon

A bit of a flashback to a cartoon I drew a couple of years back, but this time I have redrawn it in the app I now use for all my cartoons. Since I’ve been accepted into Cartoonstock, I’ve been inspired to redraw some of my favourite cartoons which can’t be included in Cartoonstock’s portfolio because they don’t have the required resolution.

Are there any other cartoons from the past you think I should redraw? Or perhaps, any themes or subject matter you think would work well for sales.

Let me know

The new work employee

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The black sheep

Every family has a black sheep lurking in the group and looks like every work office does too. What are the odds that the next employee will be a dung beetle to deal with the droppings? Before you know it, the office will be a full on self sustaining ecosystem.

Having a few issues?

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need to see the doctor

I had such a great response from my last word play cartoon, that I’ve packaged up some of your favourite expressions into the one cartoon. Good thing, they were all animal based.

Can you think of any more ailments I could add?



Cold season

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Cold and frog in throat

I love colourful phrases as they can be so visual in nature. The expression has only been around since the late 1800’s. It was made common place when an 1894 throat lozenges advertising campaign made the claim that “The Taylor Bros. say that ‘Frog in the Throat’ will cure hoarseness. 10 cents and box.”

Lozenge advertisement

What’s your favourite expression or phrase?

Memory of a goldfish?

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Thanks to Jen Martin of Espresso Science, I found new material for this week’s cartoon. Hyperthymesia, is the condition of possessing a superior autobiographical memory and is derived from the Greek, hyper, meaning excessive and thymesis, meaning remembering. Individuals are able to recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in their life such as what day Easter Sunday fell on and what they wore and did on that particular day.

So, on the topic of memory,

Can you guess which occupation would have the hardest [memory] test in the world?

I would have guessed astronaut. What would you guess?

PS. The answer is in her most recent post What memories are made.

The elefont

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Every now and then I check out Google after I’ve drawn a cartoon..

just to see what other people have done on the same topic. (It can sometimes end in tears, when I discover my really cool funny cartoon is not the first). However, I entered this search knowing it wasn’t that unique, but rather surprisingly, elefont was quite niche with not many results (15k). This meant that I stumbled upon loosely related topics and I think you’ll agree in this instance, even though unrelated, it’s beautiful.

Meet Bubbles the elephant (Bubbles has a Facebook page) and Bella the labrador; both rescue animals who now live happily together on the Rescue Species Fund Reserve. The photos are amazing and taken by photography Barry Bland, who specialises in animal photography.



So what do you think?

Symbiotic relationship woes

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The truth behind the symbiotic relationship

The truth behind symbiotic relationships

I love playing with the idea of symbiotic relationships, however it was only after producing this cartoon that I discovered that this well known example of a symbiotic relationship may not actually be a match made in heaven, but somewhere in-between.

It’s the African oxpecker bird that feeds off the backs of hippos, zebras and elephants. People used to think it was the perfect symbiotic relationship (what’s called mutualism – a relationship where both species benefit), with the oxpecker snacking on the irritating ticks. However, on closer inspection, the reality is that the birds are actually sucking on the blood from the open wounds created by the ticks (…a possible parasitism relationship where one species nourishes itself to the disadvantage of the other?) Yes, the oxpecker eats a tick or two in the process, but perhaps that’s collateral damage or a refreshing palette cleanser. The oxpecker does however provide the animal with an inbuilt alarm system. It screeches loudly when started and might just give enough warning to its host that a predator is not far away. If the warning serves no benefit, then perhaps its a symbiotic commensalism relationship, where one species obtains food or shelter from the other without harm to its host.

So who is the winner here? Oxpecker or Rhino? Or is it win-win?