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Got a parking ticket a while back. I ‘stood’ in a No Standing for 20 seconds. They’ve become so cunning these days, I received the ticket along with a digital photo of my passenger disembarking the car, just to prove I was ‘standing’.

Had a parking ticket lately?

The Wall

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Donald Trump and the Mexican wall

In 1963 JF Kennedy gave one of his finest speeches, Ich bin ein Berliner (You can watch it on YouTube here). He stood in front of 400,000+ West Berliners and the world as both a president of the US and a citizen of the free world. By declaring he was a Berliner, he showed that he was the same and that together they were all united by a common belief in freedom.
In 2017 freedom remains, but I guess it comes with an asterisk and fine print listing exclusions to the rule.

Are there any famous speeches that inspire you?

Fifty shades of white

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Workplace diversity

Inspired by the line from the Blues Brothers, when the woman was asked what kind of music was played at the venue in question. ‘Sure, we have all kinds here – country and western.’

Do you have a favourite line from Blues Brothers, or perhaps another movie?

Who knows, it might somehow make its way into the next cartoon


Spot the difference

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Workplace equalityI was inspired to create this cartoon when I read a Forbes article written on the 2016 Grant Thornton UK LLP London study into senior roles held by women in the workforce. The study reported that almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions and those companies that do have women in senior roles, average out to 22 percent.

We have a long way still to go.

Business hierarchy

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Office hierarchy

I’d like to take full credit for this cartoon, but it was my nephew who came up with the gag. He politely indicated that cartooning was easy and proceeded to explain this gag in great detail. When I suggested he got on with it and share it, he faulted… ‘I can’t draw!’ Well, really, that’s no excuse. I’m still learning to draw too!

So Merry Christmas to you Ben… I took the liberty!

The IT cloud

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early form of cloud downloading

At work this week, I’ve been reading quite few reports. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer paper to pixels. I think it’s the feeling of interaction through touching something like paper, rather than clickety click clicking a key board.

What about you?

Revealing the Art of da Vinci

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Introducing Vitruvian Man

Let me guess, you’ve always wondered the name of this man?


For my sixth Art of series, I couldn’t help but play with this iconic drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. He looks great dressed with a tea towel…

…and even better with an apron, armed with beater and wooden spoon…


But let’s start with the story behind Vitruvian Man

Find out more by visiting the Art of da Vinci



Next Art of series sneak peek

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Can you guess the name of the original piece of art and by whom?



I’m very excited to be releasing my 5th piece of work in The Art of Series

This side project involves reinterpreting timeless art favourites through a cartoon filter and transporting it into modern living. It fuses iconic works of art with everyday life by incorporating the actual product (such as a tea towel, wall clock or phone case cover) within the context of the art illustration. In this way, I hope to bring some fun to everyday life when interacting with common household products… Yes, dish drying, can be fun!

Five e-stars to the person who correctly guesses first in the comments field below