It’s the elephant

I was involved in a three day workshop this week where we tackled the elephant in the room head on. Much to all our surprise after ten minutes of open discussion, he quietly left the room, pleased to be released out into the open at last.

Have you ever confronted the elephant?



  • Carrie Rubin says:

    Sometimes you just have to get it all out there and bring that elephant to the forefront. As your experience shows, often a little thoughtful discussion turns that elephant into a tiny little mouse. 🙂

  • Perpetua says:

    Ha! place it under the carpet and washed my hands. Funny thing, I have a white elephant sitting at work for people to see. All kidding aside, just have to call the attention of the person. What did you learn?

    • Marti says:

      I learnt that not all elephants are big and scary…mind you, I wasn’t the one that put the elephant in the spotlight. I should ask the person with the torch how they felt

  • Bikky says:

    Oh I think your encouraging them with your disarming sense of humour had a lot to do with people feeling relaxed enough to let down their guards so the elephant had to be named. And name him they did, saluted him, and sent him on his way into the jungle…eventually.

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