Baaaa! Baaaa! Zzzzzz!

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I typed ‘sleeping sheep’ into Google to see what would pop up.

I found a game called ‘Sheep Dash’ on a BBC website. It tests your reaction time to tranquillising the fleeing sheep. If you hit them, they go to sleep. It then gives you a result. I didn’t fare too well. Apart from a woeful speed statistic of 0.87 seconds average speed response time, I was given the badge “sluggish snail”.

Let me know how you fared?

Let’s go on a magic carpet ride

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What is it with all these scientists exploring the domains of fairy tales and legends?

When I created the invisible cloak cartoon, I discovered that scientists had actually achieved an invisible cloak (well, not exactly, but did a whole heaps of calculations and demonstrated on a small model). Thinking that flying carpets would be a no go zone, I was surprised to find a mathematician (and a team – can you imagine asking for a support team – how would that conversation go with your boss, I wonder) has proven mathematically it is possible. (See Telegraph post for those technically inclined).

To a scientist, this means it’s possible in theory, but to an engineer, this means the next trick is to achieve this in practical terms.

What other cool things in fairy tales do you wish were possible? You may find some scientist and their support team are busy trying to make it true, just for you!

Morning commute

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Don’t think this train is aerodynamic enough to beat the current world train speed records.  During trials, the French V150 clocked 574 km/hr in 2007 (conventional rail) and the Japanese MLX01 clocked 581km/hr in 2003 (unconventional train – it’s that whizz bang magnetic one).