It’s a neutrino vs photon war

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No sooner, do I post a cartoon on the amazing speed of Neutrinos, then things all change.

It looks like the Photons are fighting back, supporting Einstein and his theory on relativity and claiming the prize for being the fastest in the Universe.  CERN released a press statement in February indicating that a faulty cable may be the reason for the faster than light speed measurements taken from our little friends the Neutrinos. See the UK Daily Mail for a non  scientific explanation. (I decided not to link the official CERN site press release as it was a bit heavy reading, but possibly more technically precise).

Carnivorous plants

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Carnivorous plants are also called insectivorous plants. (What’s with insectivorous? – an unimaginative biologist trying to come up with a new word or something?). Bet they never heard of the Nepenthes Rajah. It is known to prey on small reptiles and animals and has a ‘belly’ capacity of 3.5 litres. Here’s an image I found on the web.

One giant milkshake

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Whilst playing farm yard animals with my daughter a few weeks back, she asked me if I wanted a glass of milk. Naturally keen to demonstrate a positive attitude towards all things wholesome and healthy I replied ‘yes please!’ She proceeded to squeeze the soft toy’s tummy over an empty cup. I decided to take it one step further in this cartoon and add the shake.