Catch 22

I was recently asked to make a cartoon on cats. Being a dog lover, I possibly was not the right person to ask. Sorry Hilary and any other cat lovers out there.

Poor management decisions

Hunter Gatherer

Just a quick update on the Freebie poll sent out last week. Currently an overwhelming 75% of people wanted another freebie, 25% are fence sitters and I’m pleased to report that 0% only like to pay for stuff. So, unless things change between now and Friday, I’ll be posting the 2nd freebie (remember, freebies only come out of Fridays, that’s why it’s called Friday freebie). If you missed the first Friday Freebie, click here.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

It’s tough being a Mum

Watch the Cavemen

Your place or mine?

Poll: Is it time for a freebie?

Humour me on this one. I wanted to try the ‘polling’ toy in this software to see how it works, plus at the same time, get some feedback from regular subscribers. For those who missed the last freebie, check this link¬†for details.

Barcode scanning

Modern day Noah and his ‘ark’

This one is for my Swiss friends, who currently reside in the only country in the world which has law for mandatory personal nuclear bunkers (or at least access to one, typically through a payment system to a community bunker – what fun that would be)!


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