Memory of a goldfish?

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Thanks to Jen Martin of Espresso Science, I found new material for this week’s cartoon. Hyperthymesia, is the condition of possessing a superior autobiographical memory and is derived from the Greek, hyper, meaning excessive and thymesis, meaning remembering. Individuals are able to recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in their life such as what day Easter Sunday fell on and what they wore and did on that particular day.

So, on the topic of memory,

Can you guess which occupation would have the hardest [memory] test in the world?

I would have guessed astronaut. What would you guess?

PS. The answer is in her most recent post What memories are made.

Collect your thoughts

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catching thoughts literally

I can see why you would leave ‘Check emails’ behind, but ‘Ring in-laws’…That’s dangerous to leave behind!

What thoughts could you happily leave behind?