Merry Christmas… Ho, ho, hop!

Real life Snakes and Ladders

Ned Kelly had a bad day

The good old days


Introducing Dave the Dot to Dot Dinosaur

Water! Water! Is there any water out there?

Space hazards

You can impress your friends and family tonight with this little quiz. ┬áDid you know there’s a difference between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite?

A meteoroid is interplanetary matter within our solar system. (Basically, it’s a bit of ‘rock’ that’s come off an asteroid or comet)

A meteor is a metereoid which enters the earth’s atmosphere and burns on entry – a shooting star.

A meteorite is a meteoroid which has survived its journey through the earth’s atmosphere and crashes to earth.

Frosty the snowman had a bad day

For subscribers, you may wish to see this one on the website (click website link immediately under the cartoon).  The dandruff, I mean snow, gives it the finishing touch. You can even swish your mouse around to make the snow change direction.

PS. Snow will disappear 4 Jan 2012.

Smart ants?


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