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The cloak of invisibility

Whilst hunting for cartoon material I came across some publications on invisibility cloaks.  Well, who would have thought that could even be a vague possibility, but it turns out it mightn’t be as incredible as you would immediately think.  All you need are nanomaterials mixed in with a bit of nanotechnology. Check out this video.  And it’s not just Texan scientists exploring the wonders of nanotechnology. A simple Google  search will show various science teams across the globe (Germany, London, Japan, Sweden) getting in on the action. Who knows, by 2020 we’ll all be armed with a Harry Potter invisibility cloak – don’t leave home without one

Go Green

Why dinosaurs became extinct series

It’s a treasure hunt!

How would you like to be remembered? – what would you place in a time capsule?

When Medusa visited the hairdresser

If only you could bottle personality into a magical potion

Just imagine all the engineers lining up for their share.

PS. I may bag engineers, but feel as an engineer myself it’s acceptable.

Introducing Bill ‘n’ Ben (the little alien men)

In the event you are not aware of geocaching (I only stumbled upon it this year whilst hunting for something completely different on Google – isn’t that always the way?), it’s effectively a 21st century approach to orienteering (apologies to geocachers who may disagree with my simplified interpretation).

It involves a GPS (rather than compass) and people hunt to find the ‘cache’ (treasure).  If you’re that way inclined, check out the official Geocache website for more details. Better still, read the history page to find out how it all started, when one lone computer consultant (it could only be that, or maybe a software engineer) thought he would devise a cunning plan and put to the test the now publicly available GPS selective availability mode.

Can you be forgiven for creating easy to remember passwords?


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